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The Marist Learner

We believe that children should be aware of how they learn.  Acquiring and retaining new knowledge and skills is a complex process and at The Marist we know that the key to success in learning is resilience. 

Our Marist Learner qualities reflect our school rules: we are ready, respectful and safe. Preparation for learning and a respectful and safe attitude are essential so that life in the classroom is successful for all. 

Taking risks involves making and learning from mistakes, something which we feel is integral to the learning process.  Vygotsky’s work on the zone of proximal development evidences this.   Making mistakes can help develop a growth mindset (Dweck, 2006). These risks prompt children  to explore alternatives and contradictions, and encourage learners to step outside their comfort zone

‘Reflecting on learning’, which includes self-assessment and knowing next steps is also key. The Education Endowment Fund research recognises the importance of metacognition and self-regulation: in other words, children should be able to talk about how they learn and build their intrinsic motivation. 

Finally, we ask children to ‘rise to a challenge’. We encourage children to stretch themselves and to aim for excellence.

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