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The Marist Learner

An introduction for parents

At The Marist our aim is always to do the very best for our children in every sense and area, to help develop and nurture the whole child so that each and every one has the best foundations for learning and for fulfilling their full potential in life.

We believe that a child’s time at Primary School is a precious and extremely valuable time and our job is to use it well! In thinking about how we do this, we have created the concept of a Marist Learner focussing on the attitudes and skills necessary to learn effectively and then we have considered what this would look like in every year group.

We also believe that before a child can achieve their full academic potential they need to have the right attitude towards learning, independence, an ability to get on with others and a clear understanding of how their behaviour can affect not only their own learning but that of others too.

Once these elements are right, progress and attainment should follow more easily whatever age and whatever level a child is at. We know that all children are unique and that to generalise can be dangerous. We hope that you will support us in what we are trying to do to help the children understand how they learn and how they can make the most of every opportunity given to them. We expect the very best for each and every child in our School family.

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