Our children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development


As a Catholic school our whole community is centred around our spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Spiritual development

We are a Catholic school and the Catholic ethos permeates all we do – our positive loving relationships and respect for each other, our willingness to help others in our own community and beyond.

We use the Gospel values to inform our every day actions, primarily looking to help others, to treat everyone as we would like to be treated – whoever they are and wherever they live. This informs how we live together and also how we reach out to others. For example in our charity work – we may not know the victims of the flooding in the Philippines but we care for them and want to help them and so we act. The children, through Pupil Voices, choose charities to support and decide how we can support them. Last year the children raised over £5,000 for charities – local, national and international.

There is an act of Collective worship of one form or another every day and the Gospel values of loving and respect and the moral imperative of treating others as we want to be treated are a constant theme to life at The Marist.

We encourage the children and give them the opportunity to reflect on their beliefs as well as on their behaviour choices and their learning – being reflective is one of the key attitudes of a Marist Learner.

As a multi-cultural community we embrace and celebrate our different cultures within the classroom and within the curriculum. Our RE curriculum includes a focus on Judaism and Islam throughout the year groups and we give time and enthusiasm to all religions and cultures present in the school.

Moral development

The children are very aware of what is right and wrong and that the choices we make have consequences – both good and bad depending on the decision we make. We teach this in worship and in class and through the curriculum – we make the space for discussion and work on listening to each other and accepting that we may have different opinions but we all deserve respect.

Our behaviour policy is based on making the right choices – if we make the wrong choice there is the chance to redeem ourselves by making the positive decision to be better and every day we start again, afresh.

Social development

The school is very involved in the wider community and the children at all ages have a strong sense of helping others.

We work well together as a community of learners with different backgrounds and experiences – at school we come together as one. We look to involve the children in every opportunity that we have to work with children from other local schools and in the wider community and are in the process of creating a close and direct link with a school in Kenya.

All our Pupil Voices are selected by our children with support from their teachers. In Upper Key Stage 2 (and other classes) children follow the traditions of parliamentary hustings, debate and voting in helping to choose their representatives as House Captains and Pupil Voices.

Our Eco-warriors, representatives from Year 2 to Year 6 are responsible for driving the School’s green agenda and maintaining the school’s Green Flag status. The school recycles as much as possible and has a recycling clothes bank for charity. We send unwanted uniform to a school in Uganda.

Cultural development

The new curriculum helps the children engage with our own British culture and history. In the Autumn term we have a World War I themed week which will culminate in the creation of our own garden of remembrance. The children also celebrate and learn about the different cultures represented within their own classrooms and in our locality and the wider country. Children with different home languages are encouraged to share their languages with the class and our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum includes a focus on the cultural heritage of the countries that have French and Spanish as their official languages.

As a school we celebrate and engage with all our major national events – the Royal wedding and the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics and even the Scottish referendum when the children in Upper Key Stage 2 held their own Scottish Independence referendum!

There is a renewed focus on music at The Marist and sport development and these themes are reflected in the very wide and extensive range of co-curricular activities on offer for children across the school. Options for the current Autumn term include:






Puzzles and Construction

Computing Code





Board Game Challenge

Junior Singing Squad

Senior Singing Squad





Girls football

Boys football

Tag rugby






Multi-ball skills






In addition there are opportunities in our Breakfast Club and After School club providing quality child care from 7.45 in the morning and to 6.00pm each evening in term time.

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